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Dr Mark Lawrence

Certified Specialist in Orthodontics


"Staff was very professional and friendly. I was surprised at how quick everything was!"

- A.V.

"I liked Dr Lawerence as he was more concerned about what I wanted and not what he wanted for me. He gave me several options for me to decide which way to go. His staff seems to be very friendly. "

- R.K.

"The staff was great and the overall experience was good! We would recommend to any family or friends that needed an orthodontist!"

- J.G.

"Great staff, explained what they were doing and made sure it didn't hurt at all."

- C.C.

"The people that work there are are so nice yet professinal, I actually enjoy going there a lot. Everyone is super friendly and helpful :)"

- A.K.

"Thank you Dr. Lawrence and lovely staff for your gift to our family. D's teeth are beautiful. Your care and expert workmanship have given D. a smile that is sparkling. May each of you be richly blessed for all the kindness you show all your patients daily. It is a pleasure to visit your office. "

- C.W.

"It feels great to have my teeth fixed. Thanks. I had to wear elastics but it was worth it. Make sure to wear your elastics. Retainers aren't as bad as I thought they would've been(:It feels good to have fixed teethVery kind and generous professional workers. It's awesome to have my teeth fixed. Thanks again (: (: (: (: (: "

- K. T.

"The people here are so nice and friendly, and I'm so happy with how my teeth turned out"

- T.Mc.

"Amazing staff, I'm so very happy with my results so far!"

- K. C.

"Thank you so much for letting me have braces and making my teeth BEAUTIFUL!!"

- D.W.

"The people at Creative Orthodontics were very welcoming. and i have heard such good things and I'm glad that it is all true, i love the way my teeth look so far! I would recommend them to anyone!"

- D.K.

"We love the welcoming atmosphere at Creative Orthodontics. Everyone remembers our names and always asks about our day. Dr. Lawrence always has a funny story or a fun fact or a quirky saying to share."

- P.F.

"THE COOKIES ARE AWESOME !!! I've always been afraid of the dentist but coming here I'm not afraid"

- E.K.

"When other specialists recommended nightly head gear for many years followed by braces anyway and no guarantee that surgery would be avoided, we came across Dr. Lawrence. He asked us to trust him and a new method he had success with. Six months in and this child, who hid her smile and lacked self confidence, now smiles all the time and has a mountain of new self confidence. I cannot be more grateful to Dr. Lawrence and his amazing team. The change is incredible and we've only just started. Thank you."

- J. W.

"Thanks for my straight teeth. You guys rock!"

- C.S.

"I look forward to my ortho oppointments so much because the people there are so caring! It's not like a dentist office it's like a second family"

- K.B.

"The staff are very calm, helpful, and friendly. I got braces here five months ago, and I can already see an amazing difference!"

- K.M.

"I like Creative Orthodontics because all the people that work there are very kind. Dr.Lawrence is very funny and informative."

- R.H.

"It is a really relaxed but professional setting which made me feel comfortable. Everyone is so nice and and really helped me understand the whole process."

- K.L.

"I really enjoy this orthodontics place. the staff are super friendly and they do their jobs so wonderfully. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone in need of braces!"

- M.Mc.

"their not even off yet and im happy with the results.. :)"

- B.L.